Saving Grace

Anthony Grace, successful by all definitions, newly made partner at Lambert and Young, has an unfamiliar searing pain in his head. 

Awakened by the trickling of blood down the nape of his neck, he  frantically tries to recall what led to this...

Over the past year, he and a law professor have been investigating the mysterious deaths of residents in a Northeast Washington neighborhood.  

Grace, having hired a team of scientists to investigate the link in the deaths one night, makes an amazing find, something he knows no one will believe!  

“Mr. Grace, what were you looking for?” a man with a distinguished and commanding tone asks. 

The injury to Grace’s head obliterates his memory.  He cannot recall the details of the night he was kidnapped or its relevance to the case and the clients he represents.  More importantly, he cannot remember who is friend or foe. He does, however, remember the “voice”.  It haunts him as he  retraces the steps that brought him to the kidnapping. When he links it to a rising political star, Grace becomes determined to tackle the challenge of putting his life back together and solve the case that shattered it.

His single minded determination to find the person attached to the “voice” is his only saving grace! 

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I wrote Saving Grace to keep readers wanting more.  

Just like we binge watch TV series, you''ll binge read this.

Each page will make you wonder is it real or not.

 More importantly, who is it all tied to!

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Voting in Numbers

CGTN's Mike Walter spoke to Atiba about politics and voting in the U.S. Madyun is the President of Party Politics U.S., an online platform that encourages political engagement across party lines.

Political Controversies

Can an overseas trip shift attention from Donald Trump's domestic challenges to his foreign policy agenda? CGTN's Susan Roberts discusses the controversies plaguing the president with Atiba Madyun of The Madyun Group, a government relations firm in Washington, DC.

Putting Partisan Divide Aside

CGTN's Frances Kuo spoke with Atiba Madyun, President of Party Politics US, who argues the idea that Trump caved in by ending the shutdown is overstated.

News Stories

Giving Children A Voice

Giving Children A Voice

Giving Children A Voice

Millennial Pragmatism

Giving Children A Voice

Giving Children A Voice

We had a great panel discussion about the 2016 Election with Party Politics US, Millennial Action Project, Democrats and Republicans that included two rising stars,Democrat Symone Sanders and Republican, Rachel Hoff.

My 2016 Tipping Point

Giving Children A Voice

Atiba Madyun on Huffington Post

I am American, black, Republican and Muslim – a descendant of slaves and slave masters who finds Donald Trump’s comments insulting to the fabric of our nation. Every word that comes out of his mouth is a reminder that this man is unfit to be president of the United States.

Atiba Madyun on Huffington Post

Thoughts on Civil Political Discourse

Atiba Madyun on Huffington Post

Some of my thoughts on issues from Voting, Healthcare, the Fourth of July and the movie Fruitvale Station.


Thoughts on Civil Political Discourse

Thoughts on Civil Political Discourse

Thoughts on Civil Political Discourse

Working in Puerto Rico

Thoughts on Civil Political Discourse

Thoughts on Civil Political Discourse

Party Politics went to San Juan and Ponce in Puerto Rico to ask students what they want their next Governor to work on.  Partnering with Universidad Ana G. Mendez, SistemaTV and Walmart Puerto Rico, students watched the debates on screens provided by Walmart Puerto Rico and Party Politics. Following the debates they shared what is important to them.